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Job searching sucks

28 February 2004

Okay, so I’m on the job hunt, and I’ve been hitting some really hard decisions and some hard situations that have me all stressed out.

Last month I interviewed for a position at Webshots, and they gave me an offer. It was a pretty generous offer, and though they came as far as they could to meet my numbers, it was less pay for a job in Redwood City, meaning all my free time would vaporize. I passed. Second, I just got an offer for a position at O’Reilly in Sebastopol, which rocks, and O’Reilly, which rocks, but the position is a substantial pay decrease from my current salary ($20k). If I take this position, it means we’ll undergo a very strong change in our lifestyle (if we can do it at all). Julie has a job possibility that was supposed to get back to her this week, but didn’t, even after a ‘prod’ to voicemail, which could be either good or bad or whatever. If she gets tht position, it would allow me to say yes to O’Reilly, which I really really dig, but if they don’t give her the position, it makes it really hard for me to go for it. Just this last thursday I interviewed for a senior engineer position at a place in Larkspur (like 5 mins from my house) for really good money, but it’d be a stretch for me and I’m not sure I interviewed well enough to sell my strengths, so I’m not sure if even that’s a possiblity. All with the backdrop of July 1st being new contracts time, and I’m certain there’s not enough money in the budget to go around to keep us all. Argh…

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