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Other people’s bugs

15 October 2003

I really do not like cleaning up after someone else’s bad coding. I mean, small typos and omissions, sure — not a big deal. But when you run up against really bad engineering, and bad design… it’s just demoralizing. It’s hard to express to the non-technical. It’s like this — imagine you are tasked with spicing up a meal that someone else has already cooked so that it becomes palatable. This is already an ill-advised activity. If they are missing salt, or need a little pepper, it’s no big deal — you add and it’s fine. Well, imagine they used motor oil in the recipe, or started with spoiled food, or worse yet — it’s constituted of twigs and rocks. What do you do then? You’ve got starving customers ready to storm the kitchen, and the dinner is ruined. Do you add flour? Tobasco? Sneak out the back window?
GAH!! Is it friday yet?!

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