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Looking for a melon-twister?

Okay, Steve Burns, made famous as ‘Steve’ from the children’s show Blue’s Clues, has moved on from his juvenile-entertainment pursuits and has entered into a moree mature realm. I was about to say adult entertainment, but then — realized that wasn’t exactly what I meant. Anyhow, what I mean is, he has launched a musical career, with his first album being named ‘Songs for Dust Mites’, and really, the only way to know what I’m telling you about is for you to go to his website and check it out for yourself. http://www.steveswebpage.com/. Go check out his videos, and sample his music. He’s kinda king-missile-esque, with a touch of many other influences and styles. I dig him, tho it evokes nothing of the show that my son knows and loves so well.
Looks like he finally found a clue all by himself.
Anyhow, Julie and I went to a concert of his last Sunday in the city, and it was really awesome. I had a great time. I miss going out to live music, and this was a nice rentry into that world. It was at a relatively small club (Du Nord). Maybe it was the small venue, maybe it was the lighting, but I swear to you – it was like I was watching my friend Bert on stage. Steve’s mannerisms mirror Bert’s,and at least to me, they look very similar. I was laughing to myself all night long.

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