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The fulfilment of a boyhood dream

Yesterday for my birthday my in-laws bought me a telescope. It’s a 70x telescope, purchased from the kids discovery store, and is silver and black, has red and orange light-up dials, and looks like something a kid would own. I frikking love it. As a kid, I always wanted a telescope, to look at the moon and the stars, etc. but they were too expensive for my struggling parents to afford. As an adult, the telescopes that I had looked at from time to time always ran in the multiple hundreds of dollars range, and I could never quite justify buying something that I perceived that I’d use infrequently. Oh, did I mention this comes with a carrying case / backpack, so you can take it with you on hikes and excursions? Man, not only is it my cool whiz-bang ultra-kiddo telescope, but it’s PORTABLE! I am gonna have so much fun with this thing. What a cool gift. I tried looking at Mars last night, which was as close as it’s been to earth in 60,000 years, but there was haze and fog, so I got a big blurry dot, and that’s all. Oh well, there’s tonight.
Funny, I could never justify a telescope, but I spend $200 on dinner last night at a fancy restaurant, including a $19 glass of port. Priorities are weird things.

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