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Okay, I’ve been threatening for a while now, but this time after watching one too many episodes of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, I have made an appointment with a hair stylist on Friday, and I will be getting rid of the long hair and going for a styled haircut. I’m a little scared, since I’ve not had my hair cut since I was 17, and before then my hair would waffle between Mark Hamill and Shaggy from Scooby-doo. So, I know nothing about hairstyles AT ALL. I just want to lay myself into the hands of an expert and get them to fix me up. I like my long hair, but lately (for the last few years), I’ve kept it in either a braid or a ponytail and just feel like it’s in the way when I have it down. So, what’s the point in having long hair if I don’t let it down? I’d rather have it short, easy to manage, and stylish with a little body. I’ll let you know on Friday how it goes (maybe post some pictures as well). I’m just worried, because my hair has always been ‘my thing’, and I want to have a style that is edgy, original, but not freaky. I don’t know the first thing about styles, or what would look good on me. I really need exterior help on this one.

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