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Fireworks rock

I’m up here in Vancouver, BC for a work conference, and quite by chance there is a n international fireworks competition going on up here right now. Last night was one of the exhibitions, and generally I’m somewhat ambivalent about fireworks and wasn’t all that interested in going, but decided last minute that if I were to go see fireworks, these would probably be the best to see. China was competing, and they sorta invented fireworks, right? So, I walked down to the water about 15-20 mins away from my hotel on foot, and joined a crowd over 350,000 people for what turned out to be the most fantastic firework display I have ever seen. The golden colors were brighter than I thought possible, and the cascades fell for what seemed like an eternity before they blossomed into blue flares. I was quite impressed, but what impressed me more was to look around at the CROWD who were ALL just gazing at the sky peacefully and enjoying the communal aesthetic experience. I have renewed faith in humanity.

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