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It’s Friday and my brain hurts

So at work today, one of my co-workers passed out this logic puzzle which is a list of 20 self-referential questions. Took me several hours to finish, with breaks, and my brain now hurts from it. But, I got it right. Almost gave up, but my co-worker pointed out a minor clerical error that put me back on track. It all just made me think on how I used to be REALLY GOOD at these things, and was in previous years much more mentally agile than I am today. Sigh. Is it just my brain is flabby, or have I actually destroyed brain cells? Can I work out? Replace them? Cross Train? Makes me want to go subscribe to Games magazine again. I need to be really good at pointless endeavors that waste my time at work and distract me from my real job, so I have more missed deadlines!!!

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