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San Diego Comic Convention

19 July 2003

It’s really difficult to come to a place where so many creative people surround you and not to get inspired. I remember coming two years ago and feeling similarly, but this year I think I have a new perspective. There are a lot of folks here at varying levels of talent — from the godlike to the ‘oh my god, what are you doing’. There is some extremely excellent work around me, and there is some truly aweful shit — but you know what, even the worst of the work is to be respected, because someone actually produced something and gave it a shot, and that means I’ve got a real chance to produce something awesome that others might want to see. Really, it comes down to the doing. I went to a panel on inspiration where several authors talked about the writing process, what inspires them, etc., and one thing was said about writers block — if you walk in thinking you have to write something good, it can kill you. If you allow yourself to ‘just write shit’, then you work through it and get the creativity back. I just need to write a bunch of crap for a long while, and eventually good things will come out of it. It’s my turn. I’m gonna do it. I suppose, it’ll start here on the blog. I am gonna try to write something every day, but every other day is the absolute outside. Can I stick to it? We’ll find out. Just gotta start somewhere. Shit or get off the pot.

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