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Gaming is Fun

30 June 2003

Okay, it’s late, I’m tired, and I have to work tomorrow after a week of convalescing , but I just had to say that I love gaming — Role Playing Games, and one particular campaign in specific. It’s the story of two young boys who are saved from goblins by a great knight, and who raises them to be squires, then knights. I’ve been playing my character in this campaign since 1998 and he’s a very big part of my imagination. We don’t get to play all that often, but when we do — it’s always epic. The intricate lives of these two cousins is so fascinating, because we don’t just slay evil and fight valiantly for what is just and good, but we have interpersonal conflicts, comedy, romance, drama, and we have been known to spend entire sessions deciding what to buy at the summer faire, or how to decorate our rooms. The world and the lives we have created are very rich and deep, and one day (soon) I hope to capture the saga in some sort of public fiction to share with the world. Okay, </geek>, I’m outta here, time to sleep.

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