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Joshua’s Journey into Online Journals

26 June 2003

Okay, so everyone’s got a blog these days — why should I be any different? It seems like a good way to keep your page from getting to be prehistoric by providing an easy-to-use interface into changing the text on your page without mucking around in the HTML. Or, it’s just another layer of bullshit to make you feel even more distanced from your creative life. Well, what makes THIS blog special (okay, well sorta special — well, not that special) is that I installed and configured a blog package on my very own server, instead of just using the blogger.com site. It’s called MoveableType, and it seems pretty groovy so far. It allows for a lot of interaction and configuration. I’m testing it out now, and this is the product of my work.

This is an extended entry. Isn’t it groovy? I don’t even know what it looks like yet. Well, here’s where I can tell you about my gall bladder surgery. Actually, I”ll make that a separate blog entry.

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